He rubbed against the stone column. His scales had been looking dull lately a good scraping could bring the shine back. He’d been sitting around too much, feeling smug over his most recent loot that he’d claimed a hundred years ago. He scrapped his other side examining the layer of paper thin skin that lay curled at the bottom of his cave. It wasn’t a very good cave but it held the greatest treasure he’d ever encountered. So great that he hadn’t told anyone else about it—not even Lionel and he was his best friend. Well as close to a best friend as dragons got.  They met when they ran into each other in the abandoned castle they both had been living in for two hundred years and didn’t realize it. They had a laugh over that. Dragons were solitary creatures but those few months they spent in the castle together had been some of his best memories. He often thought about the conversations they had. Neither one of them was the over hormone dragons that blew fire, tore flesh and then asked questions. Fortunately they both liked to actually find stuff out and were the curious type. They both decided that the only fair thing was for them both to move on. There wasn’t a lot of gold in the castle anyway. It was just a starter treasure, nothing really worth fighting over since dragon fights usually destroyed everything including the dragons, they both eagerly agreed. But they took their time leaving. Not because they had a lot to pack, but because of the games they played. They spent all night on riddles and a few days sliding down the stairs, but they both loved books and once you start comparing your reading lists there could be no end to the conversations. So while He (Donovan) felt very pleased with his knew treasure, he felt bad that he hadn’t said anything to Lionel because you see he had found a secret library of gold. He’d never even heard or read of it that’s how secret it had been. There was a plaque in the entry hall. All the books had been printed on gold sheets for preservation. It made the books immobile for the most part but would allow the words to last forever. It was the perfect library for a dragon. It didn’t burn, but they could melt. So an accidental sneeze wouldn’t cost him a whole library, but he did have to watch his temper. He’d come across several volumes that made him think of Lionel. He knew that he’d love them and he was seriously thinking of letting him read them. Books and knowledge are supposed to be shared not hoarded, even if he was a dragon.

They liked to meet for riddles twice a year and it was almost time for them to meet again. He would be so hurt to know he was being kept out. But once he got his muzzle in would he ever get him to leave again? Could dragons really share? It was a dangerous question, because even if they could, the other dragons might not be happy about it. Who knows what they would do? The safety of the Library had to be considered above all else. It was a secret library after all.

Here’s an example of a Writing Practice session.  I did a little post spell check but otherwise here’s a raw session. No need to comment.  It’s supposed to be ugly.

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