She waited looking around her at the couples sitting together. They all looked like they did this everyday. They carried on conversation as if it were the easiest thing ever. Was she the only one who felt strangled when she was on a date? Would she ever make it to that comfortable stage when her tongue would relax and the words would come. Right now and elephant sat on her brain where conversations was made and its trunk was wrapped around her throat and one foot was pressing down on her chest. She tried to look natural. It took a lot of effort not to look as scared as she felt.

Dan offered to get them popcorn. Poor guy. The harder she tried the worse it got. She couldn’t look him in the eye and see his confusion. His disappointment. They talked fine at work, but now her nervousness strangled her. She had already used up her practice questions and topics that she could remember, which were two. She knew she had thought up more. She should write them down. How ridiculous was it that she needed a cheat sheet for small talk?  She over analyzed every answer before she gave it checking to see if it betrayed how uninteresting or how weird she was. What if he didn’t like her. She fell to her back up plan of smiling and nodding as he talked. She asked a few questions but mostly just a lot of Uh huh’s.

It was ironic that if she was on a date with a guy that she didn’t like she could talk like the wind because she didn’t want him to know she didn’t like him.  Then she had to let him down. When she liked a guy she was afraid of a million things and they all fought against her and he never called back. It’s hard to create a spark when you’re wrapped in a wet blanket of fear.

He came back with the popcorn, slathered in the nasty orange butter. She smiled and took a handful. “Thanks.”

“Have you heard anything about this movie?”


He took a handful of popcorn and chewed thoughtfully.

“The previews looked good.”


“How long have you worked

 I ran spell check and that was it. So yeah, it’s very rough. What did you come up with? Post it in the comments. We’d like to see what you came up with. 

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