Pete scratched his arm. He had woken up itchy this morning and it was driving him crazy. He’d been trying to not scratch. He didn’t want to inflame anything, but he didn’t see any bites or rashes. His skin felt smooth. He didn’t have any dry patches or bumps. He wondered if he was having an allergic reaction to something.  Maybe it was time to change the sheets.

Mr. Dendy was lecturing about the horrors of World War I and the irony of the title “The war to end all war.” Yes, they really had a lot of arrogance to think they had humanity figured out. He didn’t know if he could sit through the military advancement of  WWI. Mustard gas, machine guns, airplanes. Trench warfare was the stupidest invention yet  known to men.  But what did he know?  He hadn’t passed his driver’s test yet.

He didn’t realize that he’d been scratching until a layer of skin came off stuck under his fingernail. The sound of it tearing set his gag reflex going. The girl in front of him swung around so fast she nearly clobbered him with her pony tail.

“Mr. Dendy, I think Pete needs to go to the nurse!”

Mr. Dendy raised his owlish eyebrows that nearly covered the blank space left by his high hairline.

“Are you feeling okay? You look pretty pale, Pete.” He nodded his head towards the door.

Pete nodded back. He swung his books over his arm that was dangling a large piece of dead skin. He hunched as he went out the door to hide as much of his exposed skin as possible. He looked down and noticed that it was blistering and was turning the color of ash. This couldn’t be good. He ran to the bathroom.

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