The air that I breathed was quickly becoming my enemy out here on the ice. I was running for my life trying to get to the warm shelter. The faster I ran the more cold air I took into my burning lungs. Needles dug into my inner layers and pierced my exposed flesh of my face. My lips were stiff and stung against the artic scream that fought against me. Run. Run. Run. I had to believe that. I had to believe that this pain would save me. I embraced it even as I wanted to stop. Fight or flight was the same thing at this moment. I wanted to scream back at the wind but I didn’t dare. It would still my air and still my soul and everything that pushed me forward. Ice crept over my face and my nose. My vision blurred under it. Not that I could feel any of that. I just knew. I’d seen it happen to others. I knew how long I’d been out here. I knew how many minutes I had left in me. It was going to take a miracle. In that moment I believed in miracles. I’d heard of the impossible happening. I’d do everything I could to make sure I was one of them. Kendra and Sam wouldn’t make it if I didn’t make it. I had three lives, possibly more, on the line. That had to give me something. Just a little extra push. That’s all I needed. Thankfully the wind froze my tears and I closed my eyes. I was running blind. I forced them open. I would need to see eventually and I didn’t want my eyes frozen shut.  All I had to do was run into the wind. The steady wind. It never changed course only it’s level of furry. I heard nothing but the wind, but I felt icy layers of snow breaking under my feet. I knew I was within the compound where they pushed the snow and ice flat for easier mobility. Oh god. Let me make it. I’m so close. Darkness covered in icy feathers was all I could see in front of me. Somewhere there were buildings. What if I missed them and just ran straight through the compound. NO! I would find it. Then I ran into a building, which cracked the outer crust of ice on my body. I was dazed.


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I just finished writing my first novel The Villain's Assistant. I'm preparing to submit it to an interested publisher.

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