So what do we have here?” The oafish brute said as he strolled overconfidently around my chair.

I glared back unimpressed.

He opened a file and read over the report. His thick lips falling open to feign shock.

“How did a little girl like stumble into a maximum security prison?” He sat down his unibrow wrinkling together in exaggerated concern. I’m not two years old, ya freak. I took a breath. He thought I was going to speak, but was disappointed. When are they going to send me somebody that knew what they were doing? Honestly, it was insulting. Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t kick any of these thugs butts with both hands behind my back. I scanned the one way glass behind his head. Somewhere behind there was someone I could talk with someone who played chess and other adult games. I drilled my gaze through that mirror and held still. This punk wasn’t getting anything from me. I heard his heavy voice droning on and on about this and that. He was a mumbling bumble bee at the moment. I didn’t plan on changing his status anytime soon. I was aware of his movements becoming more aggressive in my side view. Then his ugly mug made an appearance two and half inches from my face. I could count his stubble and his nose hairs.



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