The dandelion fluff floated on the wind. She picked another one and blew again. The grass was lush and well groomed. Gene kept it as a pet. It was his child that he’d never had. She actually had to go to someone else’s yard to find puffy dandelion balls to blow over his yard. She had to keep herself from smiling so she could take another deep breath and blow. She wanted this moment to last. He had left for the gym so she had at least an hour. He had his routine. She now had hers. The other neighbors were tucked away in their air conditioned houses waiting for the heat wave to end. It seemed like the best guarantee that no one would see her. People’s blinds and curtains were closed against the glare of the evening sun. It was easily the hottest time of day.

Gene had seemed good on paper, but he’d turned out to be a bit too anal for her. So much so that he was a jerk about it. She got that he had his things but his things controlled his life and demanded his attention. There was little room for other people and fun activities that didn’t involve fertilizing, trimming, edging, and watering. There wasn’t even flowers in his yard. No trees or shrubs either. Just grass laid flat like a carpet around his house. That was about to change. She wasn’t allowed to put pots of flowers out on the porch let alone plant a rose bush or lilacs on the corner. Just one would do it. So she’d settle for dandelions. She really like dandelions even though she knew that she shouldn’t. They just seemed so happy. Perhaps that was their defense mechanism.


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