Alice wrung her skirt. The chair she sat on was hard and had been scored by all the many students before her. They sat here sweating and waiting and armed only with a sharp tool to unleash their nervous energy. This one next to her left thigh must have been really angry. It was an image of an extended middle finger. That would have taken some time and many visits.

She sighed and glanced up at the secretaries that typed away, nearly oblivious to her presence. She focused on her white Keds. The laces were muddy and knotted where they had broken. She needed to get replacement laces. She needed a lot of things actually. The laces were a mute point now anyway. She probably wouldn’t be going to school here anymore, once she was forced to confess her misdeed. She just wished she knew which one it was. She kept track. She had a log tucked under her mattress. Hopefully her mother would never turn her mattress. It was a bit like a science experiment. The scientific method applied to teachers. On the surface it might all seem vindictive, but she wasn’t angry. She was just curious. The fact that she was testing the teachers had nothing to do with anger or revenge. She wanted to know how people worked. She wanted to see under controlled conditions. Isn’t that was a school was? Controlled conditions? Or at least they tried. Not the children they were too young to have completely succumbed to rules. No the adults were predictable. They had learned behaviors they were trying to force on children. The next generation. That was where she would find her questions. Now to discover which one of her experiments had been discovered.


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