Tina listened to the sound of her heels click down the aisle of the dollar store. She was bored out of her gourd. So she was down at the local dollar store to see what she could get for a few dollars she found in her jacket pocket. She blew an enormous bubble and snapped it loudly. She scanned the plastic toys and giant pencils. Fishnet bags of plastic gold coins dangled precarious from one of the metal hooks. She whacked it hard enough to send it across the aisle and into the mixed mess of toys that fell to the bottom of the displays. She turned the corner and admired the gift bags covered with happy glittering brides and congratulatory phrases. Tissue paper dangled over the edge of its shelf like it was making a break for it. She snapped her gum again. It was starting to loose it’s flavor and turn hard. Cheap gum was like that. It didn’t last long. She skimmed through the baby supplies of crappy sippy cups and defected pacifiers and around to cleaning supplies that didn’t speak confidently of cleaning anything. They smiled falsely and promised nothing but to take up space under her sink. She was drawn to a bright orange feather duster. They weren’t real feathers, but that’s okay she got the hint. It was feather like. It did promise to attract dust as she brushed it across her surfaces at home. She thought about the fuzzy cobwebs across her dash and snapped her gum. It had just gone dead. She spat it out and kicked it under the edge of the display so she wouldn’t accidently step on her own gum. That would be pathetic. She grabbed the duster and paid $1.08 including tax. She waved off a bag and waved it like a wand as she crammed her change back into her pocket.


Where did you go with the prompt? Would love to see it. Share in the comments. It’s not about good or bad. It’s about sharing the journey. 

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I just finished writing my first novel The Villain's Assistant. I'm preparing to submit it to an interested publisher.

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