Charlie walked through the hallways scanning for Alyssa. The glare from the doors off the linoleum made it difficult to make out people at the end of the hallway. He hitched up his backpack and rearranged the soft purple sweater in his hand. It still smelled of her. Like those purple flowers that grow up in the grass in spring. Like sugar flowers. He smiled a little to himself remembering her hair blowing in the breeze under the streetlights. He’d reached out and untangled a hair from her sweater. It was soft and it took a lot of effort to let the wind take it. He leaned in and kissed her softly tasting her berry chapstick. It wasn’t a long kiss more of a sip to test the flavor of the water. Her eyes lit up. He wanted to drink her in one gulp. She tasted that good. She’d left her sweater in his car. He was hoping to return it before school started. He saw her march toward him. Alyssa’s hair was pulled back into a loose bun hairs draped over angry eyebrows. Oh no! His stomach clenched and he swallowed hard. She halted in front of him and wrenched her sweater out of his hand.  His smile crumbled off his face.

“How could you?” She said. Tears reddening her eyes as she stormed off.

“What! What did I do?” He felt panic ice over his internal organs. He didn’t remember anything going wrong last night. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do anything wrong.”

What happened. She didn’t slow a step. Her angry red eyes flashed back at him pricking the spot where his heart was suppose to be. There had to be some sort of mistake. He could fix this. He had to. There would never be someone like Alyssa. He couldn’t have a glimpse of her and then be cast out. He’d do anything to wrap her hair in his hands, to brush her cheek, to make her smile. What had he done? There had to be a mistake. He delicately shoved his way through the hallway filling with students.

“Alyssa! Stop!” She hesitated long enough for him to grab the sweater and turn her around. “I don’t understand. I thought things went so well last night.”

“REALLY? You imagined things went a lot differently then I remember.” She held up her phone to reveal a status update. No, his status update. “Got on with Alyssa last night. Another notch in the bedpost.”

“I didn’t write that! I don’t know who wrote that but it wasn’t me. I haven’t even been on line since yesterday. I’ll take it off. Someone hacked me! I swear!”

He pulled out his phone and was unable to access his account. “I’ve been hacked! Look Alyssa!” He held up his phone the near empty hallway. Only a sneering girl leaned against he lockers.

“Someone’s hacked you? How sad for Alyssa. Lucky break for you.” She pushed off the locker and walked past him wearing a frown.


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