Chelsea ran for the kitchen.  She shoved her hip into her brother sending him into the couch arm.

“Hey!” He shouted. Sam didn’t take competition well.

She didn’t look back. She grabbed a kitchen chair and pulled it behind her, blocking the doorway. She reached for the freezer door. She heard the chair skitter across the floor.

“If you eat the last popsicle, I swear I’m throwing you outside next time you get out of the shower. Towel or no towel.”

Chelsea dug through the freezer, tossing peas and chicken around. She focused on the color orange. She was sure that was the color she’d seen. Her fingers burned on the frozen packages, but she refused to stop. Sam grabbed her from behind and spun her off towards the sink.

“it’s not fair! Puberty has turned you into a gorilla!” She screeched, flinging herself onto his back. The freezer door swung. Waves of icy fog poured from the half freezer.

Ben just laughed. He finally had grown bigger than her this summer and he was enjoying his ability to strong arm his way through things finally. Though Mom and Dad were not as happy about it.

“GRRR! Don’t leave the freezer open!” Chelsea was still piggy backing her brother her dug not unlike a gopher through the contents of the freezer. Mixed vegetables hit the floor sending cubed carrots and potatoes sliding across the floor.

“What the-!” Sam spun around lifting a empty popsicle bad for her to see. She slipped off his back in defeat and closed the freezer door. Sam glowered at the bag in disbelief. He wasn’t happy. She wasn’t either.

“What happened to the kitchen?” Mom’s face appeared where the freezer door had just been. “Why are there frozen vegetables all over my floor?”

Mom was definitely not happy. She scanned the kitchen, which hadn’t been clean to start with. “Sweep this up. Put this stuff back into the freezer. Take out the garbage. Mop. Do the dishes.” Her eyebrows crashed into each other. That was a bad sign. “I want this kitchen spotless.”

She walked over the garbage by the stove and dropped a single orange stained popsicle stick. As she walked out Chelsea swore she heard her mutter something that sounded like “Rookies.”


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