I walk along the muddy trail. Snow lies in the shadows of the rocks. There are still frozen patches but it’s all slick. So I take my time. I don’t want to arrive covered in mud. Today is the last day of winter and people gather in town to celebrate. There are songs and warm beverages. Everything is heated up and warm. The torches and fires are made with fibers of the ocho tree which gives the flame a golden sheen. It may get cold and snow three feet tomorrow, as it will at the beginning of spring sometimes, but it is a festival of hope. We put to rest the troubles of winter and welcome the spring, so that it will want to stay. It is a fickle season and is offended easy. So we sing songs to its praises and sing other songs of fond farewell to winter, so that it will not be angry with us. Songs of welcome and good bye. It’s a tightrope of emotions the last day of winter. I’m wearing my white dress cinched tightly at the waist with my dark green outer wool layer over the top. My boots I’ll wear until I get to the hall where they will be piled up with everyone else’s then I’ll wear my dancing shoes. I maybe awkward girl but I do love to dance. I know that I will be able to dance with my friend Tindy during the girl dances. We have already decided that we do not care if a boy asks us to dance or not. We will dance alone, but secretly I hope someone will ask me, at least once. I am old enough now and while I am not the beauty that Willa is I am not ugly. But who will pay attention to the youngest eligible girls? We are barely out of our little girl braids. I pat my hair twists that I practiced all week to perfect.


Where will you go with this writing prompt? Write and share. 

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Carley Hibbert

I just finished writing my first novel The Villain's Assistant. I'm preparing to submit it to an interested publisher.

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