I turned my head. I wasn’t sure what I heard. A whisper behind the book stacks drew me nearer.

“He’s coming.” The voice hissed loudly.
I bolted up straight and looked around. He could be anyone but there was only one He worth warning anyone about. My father. I tucked my books under my arm and turned toward the back of the library. It wouldn’t do to be caught in this section. He didn’t like me being in the library anyway. I picked up my pace and cut around the shelf. Who ever was there was gone now. Winter bloomed in my heart as I heard the unmistakable snort of my father. I walked quickly trying to keep my panic down. He was talking with someone but regardless of the bounds of useful information that I could get by eavesdropping wasn’t worth it. I waited until I couldn’t hear his voice anymore and threw a glance over my shoulder as I rounded behind the final stack in this section. I saw his shadow strangling someone. He was probably just intimidating them. He usually left his killing for others. Otherwise, I’m sure he wouldn’t bother with servants at all. He liked everything he owned to have multiple functions. Chef and assassin. Bodyguard and butler. He wanted to get his money’s worth out of everyone including me. I poked my head out into the entryway. No one was out there. I wouldn’t be able to check out the books that I’d found but I needed what was inside and I could not stay here. I stepped out and scanned for hiding spots.



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