Dirt flew around her as she slid under the rope. She grabbed a hold of the rope. Her hands burned but she refused to let go. The hill dropped off 10 feet below her. She coughed and sputtered until tears sprouted and then she just coughed. She scrambled to pull herself up. The sun blinded her and she could not see if anyone stood above her. She pulled out her knife and cut one side of the rope from the stake that held the rope securely. She scrambled to the other side to where the rope was secured to a bush. She had to lunge behind it as she heard voices approached. She hoped she’d kicked up enough dust that they wouldn’t be able to make out where the rope was.

Laughter fell down to her hiding place but was suddenly cut off. From her hiding place she could see the boys standing at the edge. They must not have believed their game would have ended so finally. They had threatened to kill her in many ways over the year but never were quite ready to give up the game. They meant to torment her for as long as she was around to take it. That was changing right now. They stood there silently for longer than her burning arms and cramping calves wanted but finally they machoed up and nodded as if they had finished a tough task. A few of them cast a guilty look over their shoulder. She’d remember those. The ringleader though, he was going to die.


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