The stack of faded bleached newspaper rolls did not make her confident. She stepped around them careful not to touch them, as she made her way up the rickety stairs. Did they leave so quickly they forgot to cancel their papers for what looked like a month or two.  She could check dates to see, but not yet. They looked nasty. A film lay over the whole house and the papers were included. It didn’t bode well for who lived inside. She braced herself as she knocked. Triple checking the dusty numbers next to the door. She’d already double checked the street signs. She scanned the street behind her. The house across the street had flower boxes painted a perky sky blue. Green grass with mow lines still visible. Everything was kept crisp as if in retaliation to this run down house yellow grass peeling paint. This house was much older than the rest of the houses in this development. It was probably an old farm house that sold out the farm. She pulled out the note. She had checked it at least forty times since she found the house. She was beginning to think this was a very bad idea, when she heard cans falling just behind the door. A dog barked and then whined. The door opened grudgingly through the debris that had to be shoved out of the way of its swing. It only opened enough to show an old gray woman with glasses. One of the glass pieces in the frames was completely black. The old woman had several prominent gray hairs growing under her chin. They were hypnotic. She snapped her eyes back up to the black piece of glass.

“I- I-“ She stumbled one syllable out and gave up. She handed over the precious note that she had carried in her pockets for days and days. The note felt more like cloth now than paper.


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