Taya leaned against the building trying to press as much of her body into the shade as she could. Unfortunately the building was nearly as hot as the sun and put out it’s own heat. She needed to get out of the sun. She was sticky everywhere and was simmering in her own juices. They would dry up soon enough and then she’d be in trouble. She walked along the building and found a few more inches of shade which allowed her a step away from the warm cinderblocks.

She scanned the area for a tree, not that she expected to find any. She hadn’t seen a tree in years. A large billboard sign was probably her best bet to shelter against the hottest time of the day. She needed to dig. The easiest solution was to find a basement or root cellar, but you had to fight to get those and that wasn’t likely to work out well for her considering that she was out in the world alone. People who went it alone didn’t usually last very long. So why am I doing this again? Oh, yeah, Eddie was a sadistic bastard who deserves to die a slow painful death.

Taya took a deep breath and refocused on the area around her. With these buildings around she should see some sign of people foraging or pathways, but she saw nothing. That didn’t make her feel any better. If she saw signs, she could avoid people. She didn’t want to surprise anyone out here, especially as an unknown entity. She wasn’t ready to approach a new group. She just needed to lay low for a while. She needed to sleep without keeping an ear on Eddie’s breathing. He had been watching her in a dangerously lustful way. She’d seen what he’d done to the mice that were foolish enough to stick their noses into their hole. Everyone ate mice but no one skinned them alive so they could see the moment their hearts stopped beating. She didn’t like what that said about what his love type was. She wasn’t having it just because she had developed boobs and hips this last year. That wasn’t a good enough reason. There wasn’t a good enough reason for who he was. Not ever.


It doesn’t have to be good. It just needs to be done.

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