Jason closed the creaky elevator door. The old elevator smelled of mildew and stagnant b.o. There a black piece of gum sealed into the linoleum. He stayed away from the yellowed walls. He tapped the button for the 4th floor gingerly. Two taps or it didn’t work. The elevator swayed if he moved to suddenly, so he tried to keep his movements slow and cautious. He shoved the image of the cable snapping and the box he was standing in splintering like an old wooden crate. The elevator lurched a few times until it wound up it’s energy enough to head upwards. So far so good. It looked like Jason would at least survive this trip, but it was early yet. Getting upstairs was just  one worry he faced today. He really should just take the stairs, but Ty insisted that he take the elevator. He didn’t like surprises and since he lived in the apartment next to the elevator shaft, he could hear Jason coming. Jason wondered if he should be nervous about that. Ty didn’t seem the violent type but people snapped. It happened all the time. He just needed to make sure he stayed valuable to Ty. As long as you were useful, he treated you well. If Jason didn’t have anything Ty needed or wanted, he stayed away. It made his appearances noteworthy enough that Ty would stop his soldering and wiring and make eye contact for a moment before staring at the wall, but he always listened. Not everybody got that. There were some kids who came with stuff they grabbed out of desperation because they needed a favor. Ty only acknowledged them with a “you may leave now,” after they ranted and danced around him for attention. There was no B.S.-ing Ty. He knew before you were half way up the elevator if you were worth talking to. Jason assumed Ty had ears and eyes planted around the neighborhood—not people—Ty didn’t like people. No Jason was pretty sure he had electronic spies wandering around or planted in high traffic areas. The elevator stopped. It bumped and rocked for a moment.


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I just finished writing my first novel The Villain's Assistant. I'm preparing to submit it to an interested publisher.

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