Taya swore just as she hit the dirt. A dust cloud puffed around her and she choked mid profanity. She’d twisted her ankle. She scrambled towards the pile of junk that littered the field. A long wall of rusted cars, trucks,  barrels, and random pieces of farm equipment was the only visual barrier in the area for miles. It was the only place that anyone could hide, including her. Of course Eddie would know that too. She just had to hope she wasn’t the only one who needed to shelter there and hated pervs with a bloody passion. She limped. She bit down on the scream that burned up her throat. Every stride was a jar of sharp pain up her leg. Probably just a sprain. She bit down again as she tripped over a piece of twisted metal. Probably a bad sprain.

Eddie was freakishly quiet running through all the dead grass. He’d always been the sneakiest punk kid she’d ever known, which wasn’t many, but still it was unnatural. She didn’t dare even look behind her. He was there. She knew he was there. He could be an inch behind her and she wouldn’t hear him, but she’d probably feel him. She always felt like she was swimming in cold slime when she was anywhere near him. She should probably scream for help. Alert who ever was here. She grabbed a hold of a truck and pulled herself up with her good leg. The metal burned her hand but she didn’t let go. She’d take a burn over Eddie touching her. She dragged herself across the barrier of rusted metal. Gasps escaped as she pushed off with her bad leg. Her eyes were streaming as she bit her lip. If there was anyone here they weren’t showing themselves. She was going to have to fight him off herself. She jumped off the tailgate trying to land on her good leg. She collapsed onto the colorless stubble next to a broken bottle. That was close. She grabbed around the neck. She rolled up into a fighting stance. The truck rocked. Eddie had arrived. He didn’t need to hide anymore. He’d cornered her and ran her. She scanned the debris around her and found a piece of ragged metal that would give her a longer reach.

She looked up to see Eddie stroll across the bed of the truck. He smiled. His pale eyes fixed on her. He didn’t scan for any dangers. He was the most dangerous thing here. What did he have to fear. She read it in his eyes. He pulled out a few small knives. He smiled.

“You shouldn’t have ran.” Eddie frowned as if he were lecturing a small child. “I wouldn’t have hurt you. We could have had fun. You were special.”

“Maybe you and I don’t agree on what fun is!” She growled back at him.

She glanced to a broken window in car. Did she see something move? Please let there be someone there. Taya didn’t know if she could beat Eddie alone. He was unnatural. But she couldn’t let him win. That would be unthinkable. She gripped the metal. It was sharp and painful in her hand. If she had to pay in pain to kill this bastard, so be it, but he needed to die. Not just for her, but for every single human who was still alive. He couldn’t infect and torment the few people left on this planet. She raised the meat and her broken bottle and waited. He’d go no further. She repeated to herself as a mantra to gather her strength and focus her thoughts on him. He hopped effortlessly of the truck. He was enjoying himself. Who was he that he could use her like this for his entertainment?

“You sick twisted BASTARD!” Taya raised her chin. “You need to die!”

She screamed. It filled her whole body and shook it with something frightening. She was unleashing her last stand. She felt blood drip down her wrist but she didn’t feel her ankle, just the rush of wind on her face as she charged Eddie who for the first time in his life looked surprised. He twisted to look behind him or to throw his knife at her she didn’t care. She pointed the tip of her fury at him and didn’t flinch as his body absorbed the metal. She heard skin pull apart to take the blade and she pushed through the resistance as if he were a worn out mattress. Several dark shapes stepped out of the darkness of her vision. They held guns. Three men with guns. Her strength sapped by the ridiculousness of their existence. Her bloody hand dropped to her leg limp as she stepped back to take in their grim faces. One of the men stepped on Eddie who thrashed  and bled and growled. The man’s gun dishcharged cracking the silence around them and Eddie lay still.  Taya heaved bile onto the ground. Everything inside her burned. The dark tunnel around her vision collapsed and everything went black.

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