A Tumble Under the Bleachers

I noticed that Kara had grass in her hair. She didn’t the last time I saw her. We had just finished running 6 laps for class, but now that I think about it I don’t think Kara did. She smiled at me as she grabbed her school clothes out of the locker. She didn’t have a drop of sweat on her either.

I turned away and finished changing in the bathrooms. I couldn’t look at her. I had a rotten feeling in my stomach. I go to rinse off quickly in the sinks with the mini towels that were available for showers. Yeah, like girls are going to get naked in public showers with towels the size of notebook paper. There were a few others who were wetting towels in the sink to wipe down.

Jessica splashed her face and peeked an eye open as water dribbled down. A few dark kinky strands dripped water as well.

“Did you see Kara under the bleachers?” She blew water out of her mouth and wiped her face with a towel. “I can’t believe she got away with that. I think the entire class except Ms. Oliver and Mr. Santos saw them.”

The water I splashed on my face turned to steam at this. Was I the only one focusing on improving my time? I bury my face in my toilette to buy me more time to recover. When I look up Jessica is adjusting her collar in the mirror.

I pull my shirt on turning away. She whipped out her lip gloss and blotted. “If my best friend took a tumble under the bleachers with my ultimate crush. I’d be screaming mad.”

My face burns hot enough to make my eyes water. “Who says I’m not mad?” I avoid her eyes in the mirror as I wipe the mascara under my eyes away. The last thing I need to do is look like a raccoon today. The burn just grows deeper. I storm out of the locker room even though the bell hasn’t gone off yet. Looks like I’ll be eating alone at lunch today.

“You must be really mad to leave before the bell.” Jessica clicks her mechanical pencil and eyes me from the side.

I am an obsessive rule follower. Everyone knows this. Mr. Santos spies me and shakes a mock finger of derision at me. I blush at being caught. He just continues down the hall to the teacher’s lounge.

I look behind me and see Jessica hiding behind a garbage can. She looks at me with wide eyes. “You know I think you could actually get away with murder in this school, because everyone knows you don’t do anything really wrong.”

The idea hits me and at first I push it away as ridiculous, but then I realize maybe I could, if I was careful maybe a few small things. No one would suspect me. I bite my lip as I toy with this idea of power. Jessica has already assumed I will be eating lunch with her today. I nod and let her talk. It’s better than slunking in a corner by myself.

I used “grass” as my writing prompt today. Pick a word and write.

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Carley Hibbert

I just finished writing my first novel The Villain's Assistant. I'm preparing to submit it to an interested publisher.

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