Shadow of Lace

Tia traced the shadow of the lace on the back of her hand. She’d forgotten how pretty it could be. She wondered if she could wear lace whenever she wanted now, if she agreed to stay. Her mother paced with stiff steps. She hadn’t quite recovered from spraining her knee yet. This had been a rough year. That was why they were here. She parted the lace curtains. Below them were people not unlike them. Poor and desperate. The only difference was in a nearly forgotten title. It was like having a wish and saving it for a rainy day, but it hadn’t rained in years. Here in Tansel they lived on an underground river and had enough water for their needs. Papa had a impressive family tree if not a wealthy one. Noblemen who had been glorious in battle and so could be expected to bring about miracles in their offspring, but he only had one daughter. So he saved her until their need was greatest and the right family needed them.

The Raverlies needed them they were a low noble family, but had wealth. They wanted to erase some bad choices of ancestors of the past. They needed a connection to a distinguished family. So Tia and her mother bartered and traded to make her two dresses fitting the occasion. Mother’s old wedding gown was scavenged to add pieces to Tia’s two gowns so that she looked like she had more. “No point in letting them know how poor we are,” Mother had said trying to hide a sad look. Everyone was hiding sad looks from her. Everyone knew how she loved to climb the rocks that surrounded their crumbling fortress. There were no rocks here in Tansel; they had turned to sand thousands of years ago. She avoided looking at her mother as she counted the ridiculous amount of shiny things. Where was that stupid herald to announce them? They had been waiting for hours. She didn’t need to worry about betraying their poverty. They’re overlong waiting was the Raverlies statement of their keen knowledge of it. Tia began pieces together an alternate plan.

I used “lace” as my writing prompt today. Pick a prompt and write.

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Carley Hibbert

I just finished writing my first novel The Villain's Assistant. I'm preparing to submit it to an interested publisher.

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