To Catch A Traitor

The words could not be true, but they were written on every wall that she walked passed.

Fanny averted her gaze from the horrible words that looked as though they were bleeding. She tried to breathe and not let her thoughts race. She couldn’t afford to panic. The words painted throughout their block could mean many things. The most important thing was it exposed their headquarters because the words surrounded their block in a two-block circumference. It was like someone had circled their location on a map in red burning flames.

Fanny had spent much of the morning alerting people and sending the word out that HQ was no more. She selected a halt on all orders for 24 hours. Too many questions left unanswered. This could be a trap as well to herd them all to a new unfamiliar location and attack from the nationals. Fanny refused to panic. Panic killed you faster than bullets. She grabbed a broken piece of brick and scratched a big X on the side of the blue bucket that used to collect mail. Carter was now suspect and she had to remove him from the chain of command. Everyone was to walk away and be invisible. Approach day jobs with caution, but for the next 24 hours there was no rebellion and no group existed to fight against the nationals. It was a way around the truth scans. She had marked the disbandment of the Crestfallen.

Everyone was to wait for her sign to reboot and start over. She had to prove Carter’s innocence or neutralize his threat, in whatever way necessary. She chucked the brick against the building and it cracked into pieces. She liked Carter a lot. Everyone did. She could see how that could be a great cover for a spy. He’d risen quickly up the ranks. Her heart burned. If she had misplaced her trust, she wasn’t sure she wanted to live with the consequences. She didn’t think that she was a fool, but anyone could be fooled. She could not let her pride or her reputation get in the way of finding the truth.

She shoved her cold fingers into her jacket pockets and wrapped her fingers around both of Carter’s guns that he’d kept hidden in the cemetery. She had been up all night checking the hiding spots of everyone who had died since the day Carter showed up. She ducked into the alleyway to her own spot behind the dumpster. She reached into the hole in the wall and found her knife and a grenade. Her hand froze. That was not supposed to there.

She wedged behind the dumpster to give herself a few more inches. She was going to need to put eyes on this if she didn’t want to blow herself up. A booby trap was a bad sign. She could see the pin was still in. She lifted her hand away and peddled backwards and slid behind a delivery van. She counted to 100 because she’d forgotten to stop. Nothing. She returned to the dumpster and pressed off the wall against the metal box. She needed more room. She pulled out a mini flashlight she’d found among the hide spots. Fanny caught sight of a white piece of paper just under the grenade. She slipped it out and examined the grenade. No wires or traps.

The note read:

Don’t pull the pin.

– C.

Fanny tucked it all into her pockets and knew exactly where she was going to hide the grenade. No doubt it had a tracker, if the words were true about Carter. Did he want her to test him? Because she would.

I used “words” as my writing prompt today. Pick a prompt and write.

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I just finished writing my first novel The Villain's Assistant. I'm preparing to submit it to an interested publisher.

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