Glitter fell from the sky and dusted everyone. Soon running disco balls were seeking cover in doorways and cars. Jessica tugged her cap down trying to keep the sharp glitter from her eyes. People had stopped looking upward fairly quickly. Glitter is not friendly to the eyes. It was a glitter blizzard and no one had a clue where it was coming from. Jessica made for the Patali’s store. She had to shove her way through a cluster of girls who were twirling and glistening. She slid into a cluster of old men sheltering under the awning in front of the Patali’s. It had been a long time since Jessica had played hide and seek with her friend Ginger in the upper abandoned stories that had once been a hotel. The Patali’s bought the store seven years ago. The previous owners had hopes of renovating the upper floors into a boutique hotel but had ran out of money before they were half way through. So the demolition was done, but not even the clean up. Jessica rushed passed Mrs. Patali to the back rooms where she could access the stairs.

“Hey!” Mrs. Patali screamed, dropping the box she’d been carrying. “Jessica!”

Jessica hit the bolt until it slid out and she could open the door. Her hand stinging as she stumbled blindly up the grit covered stairs. She stumbled over a few abandoned cans that rolled out from underfoot. She ran to the light of a grimy window and rubbed it with the sleeve of her sweatshirt. There was no balloons, no airplanes, no flying anything that she could see. Just the strangest looking clouds ever. They glowed and pulsed as glitter fell like snow over a couple of blocks. That could not be a coincident. No way! Jessica leaned against the frame of the window, splinters raining down to the ground. A pigeon cooed from the top of a bed frame watching her.

“Jessica? Are you up here?” Mrs. Patali called up the stairs, too afraid to climb the dark stairs and face tragic memories. “What’s going on? Is this about Ginger?”

A chill ran through Jessica’s skin as she heard her friend’s name spoken out loud. She fumbled with her phone to check the date. April 14. The glitter must have knocked it from her head. Two years ago today Ginger died.

Writing prompt: Glitter

Photo Credit: Chloe Muro


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