Bitter Tasting

She licked her lips not able to release the bitter taste from her tongue. That boy did not taste good. He was too nervous and it tainted his flavor. She told him she wanted to walk home alone. She listened to the click, click of her heels on the cement as she hurried to the little mart on the corner where she could get a soda or some type of acid to wash this vulgar boy’s taste out of her mouth. The glow from the illegibly faded sign pulled her in. It was nice to get out of the dark. She’d walked the dark for hundreds of countless years and only recently had it become dangerous again for women to do so again. She wasn’t really afraid she had faced many dangers worse than what was available on the local street corner now a days but she hated the feel of the stupid’s hungry eyes on her. She couldn’t just gut them and leave them in a pile on the side of the road as a warning to other lecherous scum. The police and news went crazy and she got tired of hearing about it. They were getting a little too clever and one of these days they might actually catch her, so she stopped. A broken arm would usually do just as well. Most men wouldn’t confess to a beating from a 5 foot 2 inch girl in heels.

The bell rang and she reached for the syrupy sweet beverage she could see plus a couple of bars of the darkest chocolate they had, which was a stale Midnight Milky Way. The boy behind the counter nodded at her as he slid a porn magazine back onto the rack behind him. She dropped the two hard Milky Ways in front of the boy as she chugged an Orange Flavored Beverage.

“We’re having a special on corn dogs and slushies,” the boy said over the beeps of the register as he entered in the prices.

“No thanks.” She glanced around and noticed they were alone.

“Really? I always figured you for a slushy girl, Cindy.”

She lifted her head, but the boy watched the register for the price. His grungy sweat stained hat twisted backwards faced her with a single letter P.

She never gave out her real name to anyone. She never even thought it anymore. She set her bottle down and swallowed the burning liquid.


The boy turned his red eyes to her. She stepped back aghast.

“Diego? I thought you were burned at the stakes in Belize.”

He smiled and his eyes muted down to his usual dark brown and shrugged.

“What have you been up to?” He scanned her body, not hiding his interest. “So humans aren’t quite as tasty as immortals.” He lifted his dirty cap and slicked back his dark greasy hair and resettled his cap. “There’s so few of us left Cindy. I think we owe it to ourselves to get together.”

She rolled her eyes and dropped a wad of cash on the counter, scooped up her candy bars and soda, but Diego was already at the doors waiting for her. He beamed at her and wagged his eyebrows.

“I’m not that desperate.” She stepped past him and he sniffed. Cindy froze.

“That’s not what I smell.” Diego said and eyed her soda.

She forgot how observant immortals could be, but Diego was gifted with his sense of smell. How much you could forget over three hundred years.

“Call me once you take a bath and we’ll see.” She whispered. She could smell his musk this close, so she pressed against the door to wash it from nose with muggy night air.

Diego took this as an acceptance of some sort, because suddenly they were outside the mart and he was pulling out his keys.

“Isn’t this an all night mart?” Cindy’s head spun as Diego slid the keys back into his pockets.

“Don’t worry. I don’t plan on being out all night. I can shower at your place.”

Cindy felt something in her head explode and her claws burst through her skin as she reached for Diego’s throat. She cried out. It had been so long since she’d used them, it actually hurt.

Diego’s mouth slipped into a crooked grin. “No worries. I thought we talk and I could use a shower.” Cindy watched his Adam’s apple slide up and down his throat. “My place is being watched. Someone is hunting us.”

“And now me.” Cindy let her hand drop as Diego wrapped an arm around her waist. His eyes were urgent and serious. “If we play this right, they wouldn’t suspect anything.”

Cindy rolled her eyes at this. “Great. I’m not taking you back to my place though.” She slid her arm around Diego and let him guide her down the street to some seedy motel.

“But you better plan on just talking or they won’t have to hunt you anymore.”

Writing Prompt: Bitter

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