Haunted Forest

I wanted to shout, but I was mute. Nothing came out. It’s hard to speak when all the air is knocked out of your body. I could only stare dumbly at the specter as it grinned revealing more of his skeletal form than I would ever wish to see. Invisible icy fingers were squeezing me into nothing. I was sure that my heartbeats were numbered. Its blue eyes glowed with malice. The only thing I could move was my eyes and unlocking them from the creatures gaze was a feat I wasn’t brave enough to accomplish. I needed help or I wasn’t going to make it, but the forest was silent. All of nature was smart enough to hide from this evil shadow. Only a reckless boy like me would press those feelings away to investigate.

“Justin, we need to talk about your need for near death experiences.” I heard a familiar voice whisper behind me.

I wasn’t sure if I should feel relieved that help had arrived or frightened that I may have cost another person their life or soul.

A fire burst past me in a stream and splashed up against some invisible wall protecting the specter, but I drew breath. The air returned with a vengeance and I choked on it as my body fought over the new air.

A strong hand grabbed my shoulder and pulled me off my knees. I was still gasping for breath and couldn’t comprehend trying to run. I couldn’t place the voice, but knew that I had heard it before. Another gush of red flame burst from the man who stood between the screeching creature and me. The air around me warmed noticeably and my body thawed enough that I was able to take a full breath. The man shoved me back.

“I have enough strength for one more blast and then we’re going to have to run. There is abandoned shack not far from here.”

“The witch’s house?”

“Yes. Run.”

He shoved me hard and I nearly fell, but caught myself. The frozen ground bit at my hand but I pushed forward in a straight line toward the witch’s house. My lungs burned as I stumbled over tree roots to the one place that was forbidden to me as a child.  The place that was only talked about in whispers was now was the only safe place to go. The Witch’s house lay at the center of the forest. I could only pray that I could find it in the dark.

Writing Prompt: Mute

Photo prompt:4 Miranda Castle

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Carley Hibbert

I just finished writing my first novel The Villain's Assistant. I'm preparing to submit it to an interested publisher.

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