The Villain’s Assistant

What can Benjamin Black do when his late father, Black Eyed Barnaby, is considered the best Villain’s Assistant the Thief’s Plain has ever known?  The only thing a villain can do. Be more evil.

Benjamin was raised by his mother to wear the black cap his father left behind. All he had to do was graduate from the prestigious Villain’s Academy and get a job as a Villain’s Assistant.  Only he’s trying to jump into a shadowy world run on plots that were spun before he was born. It might not be as straight forward as he thought.  Benjamin uncovers secrets about who his father really was and the old man he currently works for. He soon discovers that all his plans and plots could not possibly prepare him for the path he finds himself on.

Villain’s Assistant is with an editor. I am pursuing options for self-publishing and preparing to query agents.

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